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If you are going through a rough time and need a little inspiration then you are in the right place. One quote that has become famous for people is one that says if you are going through tough times, keep going. What this means is; you will eventually come out on the other side. Read through this issue's words of encouragement during a difficult time and hopefully they will give you the urge to keep going.

When you are facing a difficult time, giving-up guarantees that you never get out of it. When you are confronted by situations and problems you need to approach them with an attitude of tenacity and determination. Yes, you will feel discouraged at some point, but then it will only be temporary. My words of encouragement during a difficult time to you are that you need to learn to endure. I am therefore sending you the gift of encouragement.

As always I hope you enjoy the selections I have brought you this month.


Jennifer Barrington

head editor


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