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September 2011

Today's Specials Part of our ultimate goal in doing all this habit changing is to lose weight, of course. We talk about making goals and keeping our eye on them, and how to set achievable benchmarks for ourselves as we do what we can to make ourselves healthier.


In the Corner  I have encountered some really tough times in my life. I remember it was the words of encouragement during difficult times that helped me cope.

Being There   Itís tough sometimes to discuss new artists without mentioning their influences and such is the case with John Hurlaheís Cass River County Line.

Letters from London  Sometimes people come into your life and you know right away that they were meant to be there, so Enter the friend and enter the lesson.

Quote of the Month

"When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place."
~ Unknown

Ramblings from a Frustrated Graduate Student  With new economic reports showing a decrease in unemployment, we are "Bound for North Carolina".

By the Cup   If angelic  photographers had been at work in the Garden of Eden, their wildlife pictures would not have looked much different from those one can take in the Ngorongoro Crater today.

Book it with  We are taking a closer look at "Laughter and Death".

Controversy Au Lait  Work has become a nightmare for a young secretary named Rena Weeks. Let's take a closer look at "Sexual Harassment".

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Add Me! 

Free search engine submission and placement services!


Cafe Stories    take a lesson from the "Split Cherry Tree".

Eavesdropping on Table Six          Let's spy on Mr. Hardwick saving marriage.

Hollywood Blend  Review the dark comedy, "Cyrus".




Morsel of Humor  

We are High and Lifed Up!

The Journey  

Take closer look at the Myths about Death.


  Recipes from Chef Luis Amado  A classic takes a turn with coffee caramel sauce over mocha ice cream sundaes.



Cafe Style   

With the return of super skinny jeans and leggings this past couple of years, itís no wonder the jeggings were invented. Walk out with this new trend, Jeggings.  


Stanza and Meters 

When things go wrong, as they sometimes will, "Don't Quit".



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A poem for every occasion.


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