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E-Commerce for Photographers

A complete photography sales and proofing service. We offer a secured, internet software package that makes it easy for any photographer to upload images to the web for clients to proof and purchase photos from their event. The software allows the photographer to have total control of their images, pricing, and all orders. Photographers use our software to select the images from their computer and transfer them to their website for online-proofing and sales.                            

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Website Creation Tools

For those who do not currently have a website you can be as creative as you like with the new and improved website tools. Select from several layouts, add your logo, colors, photographs and content to create as many pages as you like. Create a large portfolio/gallery section to display your skills and advertise your services, your products and pricing. Never have design costs again!

If you have an existing website, we will help you integrate our e-commerce system into it or you may have your designer integrate the site.



Uploading and maintaining your portfolio has never been easier. This is a great way to show off your work! Choose from several portfolio layouts, including Flash. Upload as many portfolios as you like.


 PhotoManager Software

With our PhotoManager Software you can quickly and easily upload your event photos to your website. The software resizes, watermarks and uploads your images. Works with PC and Mac.


 Watermark Protection

High level of image protection against theft. You control how light or dark, and the position of the watermark on your images. This feature is optional.


 Password Protection

Event by Event Flexibility! You can password the private wedding ceremony and leave the baseball tournament open for the public to view and purchase photos.


 Multi-Level Event Groups

Unlimited Events! Take advantage of the ability to group events. Social photographers may group weddings, senior portraits and family portraits. Sports photographers may group according to high school name, type of sport or tournament name.




Display Options

You have several options for displaying your events on your website. Choose to display them in a list format, with or without thumbnail photos, or choose to require your customer's to access their event by providing their password. Once inside the event, customers can preview their images in color, black and white, or sepia tone.

Order Discounts

The benefit for this feature is endless. Offering discounts for your online sales can increase your revenue instantly after an event of any type. For example, create a percentage-based (i.e.10% off) discount that can be applied by date, total order amount, or special code associated with event.

 Price Sheets

Create as many as you want! Because your prices are different for weddings then they are for senior portraits this will help you to keep track of your sales. Each price sheet can contain the sizes, prices, product specials and any other category to have a price attached to it. Then when importing the price sheet your Master sheets will already be ready to attach to the event displayed for the public to purchase immediately.

 Personalized Photo Products

With our system you can sell personalized photo products along with your photos. Creating a price, uploading a sample of the product and setting up fields to collect the information from your client to personalize any product is a breeze. Photo mugs, picture frames, sports cards, magazine covers... the possibilities are endless!

 Export Customer Data

For those photographers wanting to keep track of their customer information and/or orders, an export function will enable you to create a customer database with customer names, orders, billing information, email addresses making a great marketing tool for mass mailings, Christmas card lists or simply to follow up with your customer.

 Security & Notification

The SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protects all your customer's credit card information. When an order is placed you receive an email notification letting you know you have an order waiting in your secure Online Manager.

 Help & Support

Our phone and email support is always free! In additional we provide you with a detailed online Help Manual in a PDF format and an Interactive Knowledge Base






Website Statistics

Website Traffic Statistics are available. These powerful reports provide you valuable information pertaining to search engines, which keywords they are using, your customer profiles and much more.

System Requirements

Our system does not require that you have any special hardware or software to create, host and maintain a site.

To use the software you will need the following if you are using a PC:


  • Pentium 300 or higher, or 100% compatible computer with a minimum of 64 MB RAM (Random Access Memory). 128 MB of RAM is recommended.

  • Hard drive with at least 100 MB of free disk space.

  • A standard VGA or SVGA video card/monitor capable of displaying 65,000 colors (16-bit high color at 800 x 600 resolution.)

  • Modem baud rate of at least 56,000 bps (56K). A broadband connection such as Cable, or DSL is preferred.

  • Windows 9x or higher operating system. Windows XP is preferred.

  • Netscape Navigator 6x or higher, or Internet Explorer 5x or higher.

  • CD ROM drive.

  • Mouse and Keyboard

  • Internet Service Provider (ISP) for Internet access.

  • PhotoManager software.

Mac Users:


  • Mac G4 or newer.

  • OSX Operating System.

  • Hard drive with at least 100 MB of free disk space.

  • Modem baud rate of at least 56,000 bps (56K). A broadband connection such as Cable, or DSL is preferred.

  • Firefox, Mozilla, or Netscape browser.