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Native American Forced Resettlement

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The Birth of the Native American Cultural Preservation

When our tribal elders realized that the young could no longer appreciate the message behind our ancestral stories, it became crystal clear that steps would need to be taken to ensure the preservation of our culture. The tribal elders were insightful enough to realize that if nothing were done, our traditional culture would disappear from the face of the Mother Earth, to be lost forever to future generations.

For thousands of years, our traditions had been passed from generation-to generation without any consideration to "what if?" It was just assumed that our world would live forever with our people there to tend to it. But all of that ended in just one generation.

Suddenly, a crisis faced our people. With the introduction of a new way of living, the traditions of our ancestors began to fade off into a distant memory. The new world offered so much distraction that our young began to see our traditions as a waste of their time.

Our people had reached a crossroads. We had to find a way for our culture and traditions to be carried to future generations, or our identity as a people would cease to exist.

The time had arrived when our tribal elders would need to actively recruit students to learn of our culture and history. The time had arrived when our tribal elders would need to explore new ways of carrying our identity into future generations.

The active and planned preservation of our cultural identity began to take shape

Record Keeping Was Introduced

Many tribal elders thought it wise to adopt the ways of the white man. Our elders began to find ways to write our history and our language on paper.

Fortunately, we were able to retain a bit of our independence through the tribal government system allowed to us by the US, Canadian and Mexican governments.

Our tribal governments set up actual systems to help us to retain our history and culture. Many of our tribal leaders have arranged to set up college scholarship funds for those who were willing to learn our tribal history and culture.

These are only steps. We still have a long way to go to ensure the preservation of our cultures through generations not yet seen. The way this world is changing now, it will only become more difficult moving forward to keep the Native spirit alive.

The Native American Internet

We are a growing group of Native American individuals, who appreciate where we have come from and have turned to
the newest resources in the preservation of our history and culture. The Internet is a huge storehouse of information that can be shared with a world audience.

We now have the ability to stay in close touch with those of our band who have moved away from the reservations. We have an unprecedented opportunity to share our past with those who wish to know it. We are now a growing number of dedicated Native people who are channeling the power of using the internet to lead other aboriginal people towards the positive direction of helping us preserve our past. As such, we have put together some very informative resources for those who wish to study our past.

Recognizing all that is good in our little portion of the Internet, we realized that it could be helpful to bring all of that information together in one place where it could be protected for eternity. Individual people live and die, but organizations can live forever. In our little corner of the Internet, we are building a set of web sites that will permit anyone who is of First Nations origin to come in and set up a resource that can survive for generations.

We hope you will come by and visit us. We hope that you will stay long enough to learn of our culture, history and beliefs. And we hope that you will like our little corner of the Internet enough that you will come by and visit us often.





...bringing all of that information together in one place where it could be protected for eternity














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Written by: Eagle Vale of The name is a merging of the Myspace concept, with "The Rez," from a television show of the same name that reflects life on the reservation in Northern Canada.  This article about Native American culture was created for the express purpose of bringing awareness to our "Native American Cultural Preservation Project" at You may also use the MyRezSpace Interactive Community at:


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